Top 5 Products to Relieve Carpal Tunnel Pain

The symptoms of carpal tunnel pain are hard to ignore, even if you're merely reading about it and soaking up on various knowledge about the said syndrome. Imagine how the people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome feel when the condition manifests itself, making them lose their productivity in their jobs and making them suffer in every hand and wrist movement. Due to the prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome amongst workers whose jobs involve repetitive movement of the hands and wrist, various products have also emerged used to alleviate carpal tunnel pain. Here are the top 5 carpal tunnel products to relieve pain:

1. Supplements. In this day and age, various supplements have emerged from the shadows, guaranteeing good health and prevention of a horde of illnesses. Although some may be considered merely a hoax, there are also supplements that are regarded highly, especially by patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. The most popular carpal tunnel supplement is the Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), which is a water-soluble vitamin. Studies have shown a link between the amount of Vitamin B6 in the body and the increased tendency of developing carpal tunnel syndrome over time.

It has been shown that people whose Vitamin B6 is on the normal range, are less likely to be afflicted with carpal tunnel syndrome compared to those who are deficient of the said vitamin. Deficient vitamin B6 levels in the body have been noted to exacerbate the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome while regularly taking vitamin B6 has been known to diminish carpal tunnel pain.

Organic supplements such as Arnica and Bromelain have also been known to decrease carpal tunnel pain. Bromelain is derived from pineapple and it boasts an enzyme that can dramatically decrease tissue swelling. Meanwhile, the use of Arnica has also been known to reduce carpal tunnel pain for two weeks. The regular intake of Vitamin B12 is also believed to decrease the symptoms of carpal tunnel pain. These supplements can be purchased in the nearest pharmacy in your local area.

2. Wrist splints. Wrist splints have always been recommended by physicians for 4-6 weeks after being diagnosed by the syndrome. It is also recommended after carpal release surgery. Although its use is better known because of its ability to avoid further damage, wrist splints can also help relieve the carpal tunnel pain. By keeping the wrist area immobilized, it can help the carpal tunnel get back to shape without further irritating the median nerve. Furthermore, refrigerating the wrist splint before applying it on the wrist area can also serve as a cool compress so as to reduce swelling and inflammation. You can purchase wrist splints from splint dealers or create a homemade one made of wood and cloth.

3. Topical medications. If you're one of those who can't stand having a handful of pills to drink every day for carpal tunnel pain then topical medications is one of the most effective top 5 carpal tunnel products to relieve pain. Typically, these medications are gel-based, making them more likely to seep into the various layers of the skin and reach the affected area immediately. This makes them ideal for use because they are fast-working and generally more effective compared to oral pain relievers. These topical medications are safe and tested and proven to provide immediate relief from carpal tunnel pain without any unwarranted side effects.

4. Portable TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). Although not exactly as common as over-the-counter analgesics in terms of pain relief, portable TENS is actually an effective way to alleviate the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This is done by applying a safe wave of electrical current on your skin through electrodes. This device is portable and it can be carried anywhere you need it. Whether you're driving your car, relaxing at home or working in the office, you can slip this on the affected area and expect pain relief in no time at all. The more you use it, the better pain relief it offers. In fact, most carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers have relied on a portable TENS so they can get back to the workplace and their daily life before they were diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel syndrome. There are numerous place where you can buy a portable TENS device. You can purchase them in your local pharmacy or choose to shop for them through the internet.

5. Magnetic therapy bracelets. Another effective top 5 carpal tunnel products to relieve pain, magnetic therapy bracelets are popular as an alternative treatment for pain relief. Magnetic therapy is defined as the use of static electromagnetic waves to relieve pain. There are wide array of uses for magnetic therapy albeit the most commonly used for carpal tunnel syndrome are magnetic therapy bracelets.

These top 5 carpal tunnel products are not only safe and effective, they're usually pretty inexpensive as well. Youcan easily get rid of the carpal tunnel pain that is threatening your job productivity and leading a prolific life.