Carpal Tunnel Exercises

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a difficult hurdle to overcome especially for those whose family depends on them to support their needs and expenses. Fortunately, there are various carpal tunnel treatment methods available for the patient, including an array of carpal tunnel exercises.

Most people think that exercising the hands and wrist can prove to become more damaging for those who are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. After all, those with the syndrome are commonly put on wrist splints to prevent movement and further damage. What most people aren't aware of is that these exercises are only done when the symptoms have already abated. Also, these exercises are typically done in the hopes of preventing the syndrome from occurring and not as the whole basis of treatment itself.

An Exercise to Increase Blood Circulation and Strenghten Wrists

This exercise will help warm up the muscles and nerves and prepare the tunnel for heavy work. It focuses mainly on the wrist and the hands and increases blood circulation to prevent pain and stiffness.

Stretch your fingers as far apart as you can and hold your wrists in an as-close-to-90-degrees position as you can, without forcing them out of place. You only need to hold this position for about 10 seconds. This will elongate the tendons and surrounding area without doing damage, allowing further movement, etc. while working. Once this has been held for 10 seconds, move on to a tight squeeze: squeeze your hands in to the tightest fist you can, and hold for 10 seconds; then, bend your wrists in a downward position, while retaining the squeeze. This has the same effect as the previous exercise, but in the opposite directions.

This can be safely done albeit you are already showing signs of CTS as it also prevents the muscles from atrophying and weakening.

Preventative Exercises for Carpal Tunnel

Other Carpal Tunnel Exercises: The rest of these exercises can be dangerous if you already show signs of CTS, and further damage can occur in the carpal tunnel and may further irritate the media nerve. These are meant for preventative measure, not as a recovery method. Any of the following CTS exercises which rely on weights should not be done with weights heavier than 2lbs. One pound dumbbells are ideal for these exercises.

Before any use of the wrists, one should perform these, or similar carpal tunnel exercises for optimal effect. Begin by loosening up the hand. Massage your hand, bend it in all expected directions (with your other hand) and stretch as best you can. Bend back all your fingers, putting pressure in both directions. To continue the warm up process, rotate your wrists in full circles. Do 10-15 of these in either direction, with both wrists. Ensure your arms are at an approximately 90 degree angle while doing these.

The first exercise you can do is the "wrist twists," which can be done with or without dumbbells. To do this exercise, you need to rotate your wrists as far as they will go in either direction slowly so as not to force the nerve and muscles surrounding your wrists. Perform a similar motion in a "locked" position, bending your arms toward the sky, perform "window wiper"-like motions with the dumbbell in your hand. Holding your dumbbell in your hand in a tight fist like shape, bend your wrists toward the floor, and then slowly back up 90 degrees. Hold for 10 seconds, and repeat 10-15 times in either wrist.

The second exercise you can do is called the "fists", which are done in a variety of fisting motion. To do this exercise, start with your fingers together and your palms facing the wall in front of you in a 90 degrees angle. This will be your hands' starting position. Then, create a hook first, hold for 10 seconds and return to your starting position. Wait for 10 seconds before creating a straight fist, hold for 10 seconds and return to your starting position. Wait for 10 more seconds before creating a full first and holding it for another 10 seconds.

These carpal tunnel exercises will be hugely beneficial not only for those who are already suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome but also for those who want to avoid the said medical condition.